Tuesday, 18 February 2014

New car gadget alerts you if you forget phone, wallet

Washington:  A new gadget that fits into your car and notifies you if you forget to bring your phone, wallet and other daily essentials has been developed.

The gadget, called Bringrr, fits into a car's cigarette lighter receptacle, and uses Bluetooth technology to scan for missing items immediately after you enter the vehicle.

The car gadget can scan for any items attached to a BringTag - a small, circular tag that emits a Bluetooth signal traceable by Bringrr - including laptops, books and bags.

Bringrr also works with Google Glass. Upon entering your car, the gadget will tell you what you are missing via Glass' heads-up display, 'Mashable' reported.

Currently, the system only works in a car, but the creators are working on developing the gadget for people who rely on other means of transportation.

The gadget is expected to cost around $29 and BringTags will be in the $19 range.